die fischer (the fishermen)

5 big glowing lamps stand in a circle in public space. Inside the circle there is a bright area with sandbags to sit on. There are also sandbags in front of each lamp and a blue parcel on top. When somebody gets near a lamp, the respective parcel lights up and shows an image.

The lamps are wearing oversized caps. The name of this kind of caps is »fisherman's cap«. Thanks to the caps the lamps seem to be abstract human beings. The image on each parcel symbolizes a situation, a story the fisherman has to »tell« – provided you get close enough and »listen« to him. All images are about the same topic: flood and it's impact:

»die fischer« is a light installation for a beneficial festival in Deggendorf, Germany. The festival was in favor of the victims of the flood of 2013. The district where the flood was most devastating is called Fischerdorf (village of the fishermen). So although being abstract, the installation makes sense (and the multiple associations are obvious in meaning) for the people in the region.


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