jim avignon visuals

Pop-artist Jim Avignon has a live painting act in a club in munich. The job was to do some visuals for the event.

The concept was based on a set of "rules":

  • Based on what actually happens: no rendering shall be done
  • Nevertheless create something, don't just repeat
  • Feeling is: painting and action

In the end Jim is wearing a webcam on his hat. The webcam takes a picture each 200 Milliseconds. The picture is analyzed and only parts of the image are combined with the last picture. Moving parts of the image produce a ghost effect.

Which parts of the image are active (only dark ones, only bright ones, only saturated ones) can be chosen as well as the way of combining the images and multiple other settings. 

Project for TamTam in rote sonne in Munich. Idea together withHias. Concept, programming and live mixing by me.