Karl Ivar Refseth: Lights

Karl Ivar Refseth is a norwegian jazz musician and composer playing the vibraphone. For his Karl Ivar Refseth Trio as well as for solo performances I developed a light and projection show supporting his atmospheric music. The show has been part of the Tam Tam "Kirchenkonzert"-series and is usually done featuring Hias.

The show is based on scenic lighting as well as projections precisely mapped to the space of the performance. Like this ambiance and atmosphere can be changed strongly.

The material used for projection ranges from simple colors to highly complex Animations in 3D space, including fluid simulations. They are created in a time consuming rendering process newly for each each performance - or rather for each space (that of course has to be visited, dimensioned an photographed previously). The show itself is also adjusted greatly for each space, according to it's features and characteristics.

The show is controlled live mainly using self-programmed Apps and self-built hardware.