The red Room ...
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A room is lit up completely in red. 3 empty frames are hanging in the corners of the room. There is some motionless Machinery on stands. Otherwise the room seems empty. It is silent.

The Visitors get torch lights. If they use it to »search« and do illuminate the frames or the walls, they find the room is not empty at all. Things are magically appearing in the small light cone of their lamp: pictures, drawings, poems on the walls. And if they light the seemingly empty frames, they find an instruction: »shake firmly please«.

Whenever a vistor shakes a frame, something happens in the room. One of the (artwork) machines starts working, sound is played, spots are lit, a path to step on appears on the floor ... the room comes to life. Sometimes the whole room changes its state to blue. After that the visitors can see everything there is, before the room turns slowly back to its red form, leaving everything hidden again.

The project was developed for a Tam Tam event. The event itself brought (as Tam Tam always does) multiple artists and their works together. I provided the project described here as a frame concept to present the different artwork (s. also my project surrogate) and also did the technical realization.

The Tam Tam event (hence this project also) was set up in w1 in Regensburg in Autumn 2013.