Silverdolls LP Release Performance

For the Silverdolls release party I created a no-budget stage show based on the following idea: The pixels of videos are represented as 3-dimensional bodies in a 3-dimensional room, and projected on the walls, breaking the limitations of the room.

In addition, a flow of thousands of small particles running in the projection is used. These particles can flow freely or be projected on the musicians (and instruments) only, using a kinect to detect in real-time where they are (for in-depth explanation on how this is done, see the slowly growing solutions section).

Videos and particle flow are rendered on the basis of many parameters, that are adjusted live. So the stage show can create a lot of difference impressions and ambiences – and is able to react to the music.

For the show was live from my part also, I did not have the possibility to do photos. Many thanks to Hias from Tam Tam, delivering a video to gives us some impressions. Unfortunately it is taken from our place at the side, so does not show the perspective of the spetator, narrowing the impression a bit. Anyway I am happy to have at least them, thanks Hias!