You will notice, this site is not yet »done«. At the moment it just consists of one topic containing 3 chapters out of which the third is still not done. Hopefully it will grow in the future. I'll try, but as always – the projects are more important to me that the documentation.


As I like the idea of Open Source, I'll try to put my solutions to problems on this page – to share. That is, I describe some of my projects in a way that hopefully helps you to put up yours. 

Usually I am trying to connect the technical or virtual world with the real one. Most projects I will present are using Arduino to build interactive Installations. Some are driven by only Arduino, some (the ones using Video projection) are using Arduino as a Connection between Sensors and a Computer. 

I start with a chapter using only a kinect and a computer though.


For many problems you will find a solution out there. But it will be one using readymade, expensive technology. Sometimes unnecessarily complicated. You know, like of course you can buy a touch screen and let people use a VJ-Software on an expensive Computer to interact with a projection. It's fine. Many people will be impressed even. But especially in arts, where things should rather be about creativity than about getting expensive technology, attempts like this sometimes just bore me. Everything is done for you. And all interactivity sits invisibly inside of the computer.

I on the contrary try to find elegant yet cheap and custom-made solutions. Well – custom-made to a certain extent at least. I am using Arduinos e.g., I bought them. And sensor modules. And after frying my beautiful self-made Stepper motor controller solution I even ended up buying a motor shield – for I didn't have too much time back then. But I did not use Wireless networking shields to transfer my server readings to the next room in one of my installations. I like things to touch. They are part of our world and become visible part of my installations. So I used Cables. Nearly 2 km in fact. It was much more work, but beautiful. And mine!

You will see.